18 Sept 2015



Come to our meet and greet, Meet JMMA, to meet 13 marketing-crazed peers and get introduced to our Web 2.0 experience. There will also be a sneak peak on how to get involved in The Embassy!


Name: Meet JMMA
Theme: Introducing a Web 2.0 Experience
Date: September 18, 2015
Time: 7pm-10pm
Where: 1245 Stanley, Montreal
Cost: $15
Includes: 1 drink, 1 meal, 1 dessert

Are you Ready?

Get the chance to meet, share and connect with the Executive Team of JMMA and other marketing enthusiasts in a Web 2.0 reality. You'll be able to share every moment of it through our social media experiences.

Plus, learn more about how to get involved through JMMA's one-of-a-kind, The Embassy. And that's not all! Find out about JMMA's upcoming events and projects including a sneak-peek of R.E.A.L Projects: Design Workshop.

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